Keating was the third American to be eliminated in straight combat considering that a US-led union launched a campaign in 2014

Islamic State militants killed a United States Navy Seal in northern Iraq on Tuesday, after blasting with Kurdish defenses and also overrunning a town in the greatest offensive in the location for months, officials said.

Cream of the crop serviceman was the third American to be killed in direct battle since a US-led union introduced a project in 2014

L earning something early on is the very best method to guarantee that an individual develops a long-lasting connection to it. It might be discovering a language or to value a pastime, or it might be something a little … bigger.

That’ s the approach behind the Farming Kindergartenin Vietnam’ s southeastern Dong Nai province.

Created by Vo Trong Nghia Architects , the primary school looks both futuristic and like it sprang right from the Earth.

It’ s clear that a connection to the natural world is extremely essential. Simply take a look at how incredibly injuring people react to treatment animals . When it takes place at a young age, they end up being long-lasting fans of animals .

With that in mind, the designers of the Farming Kindergarten chose to utilize the school itself to teach kids the significance, and the delight, of safeguarding the environment.

The outcome is a multilevel, looping structure with green, growing roofs for a lot of outside play, along with education about plants and how they grow.

In addition, it’ s developed utilizing recycled product, is powered with solar power, and has a variety of other environmentally friendly functions.

Check out this incredible school listed below!

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From here, the Farming Kindergarten in Dong Nai, Vietnam, appears like other enjoyable primary school, with a huge yard in the center where kids can play.

But it improves …

The school serves some 500 kindergarten-aged and preschool kids, and all of them require a safe and enjoyable location to play.

And exactly what would make that even much better? , if they were discovering at the exact same time..

From here, you can see how remarkable the school is.

It’ s created in a three-pronged loop shape (technically referred to as a triquetra) throughout 2 floorings, with the roofs ultimately spiraling down to ground level.

This method, the instructors and kids can access the structure’ s rooftop gardens.

And it’ s a lot more remarkable from above. From this angle, you can see the interlocking shape of the structure and the green roofing system.

They produce lots of play area and expedition area without requiring additional land.

And due to the fact that Vietnam has a tropical environment, the outside areas can be taken pleasure in year-round.

They likewise make best, hands-on areas for teaching kids about farming, food production, and the life process of plants.

Of course, the school has indoor class area, too, like this breezy space loaded with windows and natural light.

There are likewise these passage areas that can act as al fresco class, conference locations, or occasion areas.

There have actually been numerous propositions all over the world to develop picturesque, green neighborhood areas like this one, however the Farming Kindergarten not just truly exists, however it’ s completely practical.

Not just is it offering a distinct education for numerous kids, the Farming Kindergarten has actually likewise gotten an award from the Vietnam Green Building Council, and the designers hope that it will influence other green schools around the globe.

You can see more of Vo Trong Nghia’ s green designs, both developed and conceptual, on their site and Facebook page.

Be sure to SHARE this amazing school and make those hopes become a reality!

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Aries: youre constantly in their mind, ideas of you whirling around within love hearts and chest-bursting feeling. When you touch; your roaming hands gradually melting their heart, theres fixed. youll never ever rather comprehend them, however if they like you, you feel it in your bones, and in the inmost depths of your soul.

Taurus: youre opening to them, making them feel required. theyre agitated when theyre with you, just ever wishing to be as near you as possible. they wish to feel and see all you, absolutely nothing is much better than caring entirely. rapidly youll understand all each other, a bittersweet love.

Gemini: are you stressed theyll leave? simply enjoy them. observe them glancing at you continuously, making certain youre still there. theyre simply as stressed as you are. the more they find out about you the more difficult they fall, never ever wishing to leave your side. clouds of green typically dust their vision, which youll never ever see, however another appearance into your eyes makes them feel invincible. the ruler of mercury is remarkably bad at revealing love, however theyll do all they can making you comprehend.

Cancer: you attempt to unlearn it, you aim to prevent your fascination over them. their soft skin, the method they touch you. they have a power over you, a sickly sweet power. and you understand they wont benefit from that, theyll ensure youre safe and warm, that youre never ever without love. theyll cover you up in clouds and provide you the most best mugs of tea. theyll understand all you, and youll be happier than youve ever been.

Leo: your normal pals to fans relationship, you grow close rapidly and invest the recentlies of your relationship thinking about how their lips will feel on yours, and they invest them questioning how you taste. your incredibly uncomfortable very first kisses and gradually however undoubtedly finding out how each other works and believes are so, so sweet. they support you, and love every inch of you. theyre more devoted than anybody youve ever satisfied, and god are you happy with them.

Virgo: a sweetly aggravating individual to be with. in spite of distinctions, you understand you constantly simply wish to hold them. foolish arguments spread your gos to, constantly ending and beginning with fast kisses and great deals of compliments. somebody who can maintain their strange qualities despite how well you understand them. a love loaded with never-forgotten anniversaries and birthdays, a love of understanding the other completely and totally.

Libra: a individual you fit with like a puzzle piece, every characteristic enhancing each other, and your bodies lay together completely. a love-song type of love, filled with best notes and soft tunes. enjoying them might be sweet and brief, or might last for years and years. do not tinker them since they wont think twice to drop you, however as long as you alleviate them right, you will have a fairy tale love. youll instantly deal with each other, individuals believing youve been together for many years even if its just been a month.

Scorpio: the sort of love that makes you relax and believe this is exactly what ive been awaiting. a client and kind love, filled with soft touches and intuitively understanding. some things end up being forgotten, however thats all right. you can discover a real house in this love, stuck considering them, stuck sensation warm whenever theyre around. jealousy may occur, which can quickly explode in your face. either a great deal of issues or none at all. loving a scorpio can be a definitely remarkable experience, and most likely one that you do not wish to end.

Sagittarius: a love loaded with experiences and memories. somebody you may seem like is a good friend instead of a fan, however you do not especially mind. a relationship filled with late night journeys, either simply to a close-by field to see the stars or a trip that takes hours simply to obtain ice cream. youll have plenty to discuss when youre in love with a sagittarius, and you may not constantly be on their mind however everything reminds them of you. it can be difficult to enjoy a sagittarius completely, they do not want to reveal all themselves rapidly by any methods, however if you reveal that youre all right with putting in effort, theyll keep you by their side.

Capricorn: can you even inform when a capricorn remains in love? they can consume, however some close themselves off. it can be a frightening sensation for this indication, however their clumsiness and unpleasant words when near you is a fantastic signal that they have sensations for you. they imitate they dont, however all their ideas focus on you. youll most likely need to admit to your sensations initially, once you do, everything will form. its unusual that a capricorn quits on a relationship.

Aquarius: sometimes you can question whether an aquarius really has the capability to fall in love, however they certainly do. the majority of the time they do not even recognize theyre in love till they need to snap their teeth shut to keep the words from spilling out, frequently triggering them to enter into some type of crisis. youll most likely understand prior to they do. theyll prepare to dedicate, all set to invest all their time with you. when an aquarius prepares to commit everything to you and going to put effort into the relationship and going to understand all you, theyre in deep and may never ever return out.

Pisces: almost a childish love, quickly filled with awkwardness and not understanding exactly what youre doing. your souls, minds, and hearts link so quickly however physicalities can trigger issues. your words indicate the world to them, and while quality time is important, informing them just how much you indicate to them and just how much you like them will get you even more than anything else. they flourish on peace of mind and random acts of generosity. enjoying a pisces is never ever dull, mainly comfy, and can be a relationship with your buddy.

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Macedonias capital was rebuilt after the 1963 earthquake with a cutting-edge modernist vision. Now, critics say the hollow Doric columns and clumsy statues of antiquitisation are transforming the city into a mini-Las Vegas

Changes like this usually happen through wars and natural disasters.

The academic and activist Iskra Geshoska is describing a project called Skopje 2014, a comprehensive plan to beautify the city centre of Macedonias capital.

It is seen at its most extreme along the river Vardar, where construction work is intense on a new, instant city centre replete with more heroic statues than youd find in cities 10 times Skopjes size. With astonishing speed, a modernist city has been transformed into a mini-Las Vegas.

Along the river are two very approximate reconstructions of historic buildings, and several oversized government headquarters, all within an idiom of Corinthian columns and mirror glass that has been absent from most European cities since the late 1980s; they are linked by bridges lined with golden candelabras and yet more statues. Behind them stands a 1960s city of brutalist high-rises and office blocks, but many of these are undergoing an extraordinary redesign with hollow Doric columns being affixed to slender concrete pillars.

For the government of the former Yugoslav republic, this project is making their capital truly European. It is linking it, through a process of antiquitisation which involved decorating the city with ancient-looking monuments to the glorious past of Alexander the Great, which the Greeks would deny them. (Absurdly, Greece has regularly blocked Macedonias accession to Nato or the EU for its use of the name.)

Soldiers dig for bodies in the ruins of the 1963 earthquake. Photograph: Keystone/Getty

For government opponents such as Geshoska, of the Skopje NGO Kontrapunkt, it is a catastrophe, not least because the Skopje 2014 plan aims at erasing an earlier plan altogether one which was as futuristic as the current plan is retrograde: the 1965 Skopje City Centre Plan, by Japanese architect Kenzo Tange.

These two plans are totally opposed in their ideas about what a city is, and what it is for; two extreme examples of modernism and postmodernism, violently forced into the same space.

The 1965 plan was the result of a natural disaster two years earlier. The Skopje earthquake destroyed around 70% of the city and buried thousands of people under the rubble.

As reflecting the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavias non-aligned geopolitical status communist, but outside of the Soviet Bloc the relief and reconstruction efforts crossed the borders of the cold war. Temporary, prefabricated housing estates were designed and donated by the US, Denmark, Britain and Bulgaria. Polish planners applied their expertise in reconstructing destroyed cities. Switzerland contributed schools, the USSR a concrete panel factory, Poland the Museum of Modern Art. American universities offered scholarships to Macedonian architects, while a plan by the Greek firm Doxiadis Associates plotted the citys infrastructure and future growth.

Video: Macedonia, a timeless capital

But the competition for the city centre was won by the Tokyo office of Kenzo Tange, who was then much feted for his Hiroshima Peace Museum and a wildly ambitious plan for Tokyo Bay. Tanges planning was influenced by metabolism, a Japanese movement for a form of architecture that would be adaptable, fast, ultra-modern and ultra-urban. In the 1960s, Japan had the highest growth rates in the world but Yugoslavia had the second highest, so it wasnt such a stretch to imagine that the futures of Tokyo and Skopje might not be too far apart.

Gazing out over the city centre and the remnants of Tanges plan from the Polish-designed Museum of Modern Art, a concrete-and-marble gallery placed at the top of the 15th-century Ottoman Fortress, architect Vladimir Deskov tells me: The plan was a hundred years in advance of the city.

The old Skopje is centred around the Old Bazaar, a series of winding, cobbled streets with a skyline of domes and minarets. By the 1960s, a modern city had sprung up around this, mostly on the other side of the Vardar, which marked an informal divide between the Christian and Muslim parts of the city.

Recognising this, Tange intended to bridge the two parts of the city through what he called a city wall of apartment blocks, modelled partly on the curved walls of the fortress. Surrounding the centre like a modernised version of Viennas Ringstrasse, the wall consists of interlinked blocks that provide a strong, defining, monumental presence.

The clustered, sculptural forms of the Cyril and Methodius University campus. Photograph: Owen Hatherley

The UNs seismic experts warned that the area around the river was the most vulnerable to another earthquake, so Tange planned the embankment as a green, open space for cultural centres, concert halls and the like, which would help bring the two halves together. The city wall was largely completed (by Croatian architects rather than Tange himself), but it never actually crossed the river.

Various of the planned central buildings were realised on both sides: the clustered, sculptural forms of theCyril and Methodius University and the extraordinary Opera and Ballet Theatre, both designed by Slovenian architects, and from Macedonian designers, theTelecommunications Centre a strange, individualistic example of organic brutalism and the Trade Centre: a long, low shopping centre of overlapping terraces stepping subtly down to the river, its combination of enclosure and openness inspired by the structure of the bazaar.

The result was a city where the monumental wall, which had gardens and squares behind it, enclosed a loose, green centre. It had no historical reminisces in its details or imagery, but modelled its spaces on particular historical structures it found nearby, such as the bazaar and the fortress.

If the city wall was largely executed as planned, Tanges more ambitious city gate was a failure from the start. This was to be arranged around a railway station which opened in 1980: a long, sleek, steel-and-concrete tube on a high viaduct. However, the complex system of towers and walkways that was supposed to lead through it to the Trade Centre, and from there to the river, was never realised.

An image from Kenzo Tanges Skopje City Centre Plan. Photograph: Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

Today this area consists of wasteland, informal housing, big box malls and new/old churches under reconstruction. In the 1980s, just as the reconstructed city had been mostly completed, the Yugoslav economic miracle faltered, with mass unemployment and a huge national debt. That exacerbated massively in the 1990s as the pan-Yugoslav economy collapsed into war. Macedonia stayed out of that, but hundreds of thousands of workers, mostly recent incomers from the countryside, lost their jobs.

Yet this alone does not explain the extreme nature of Skopje 2014.

The contrast between the two plans is best witnessed from the small park between the Trade Centre and the 1930s National Assembly, one of the few survivors of the earthquake. A flood of statuary has flowed messily into the space between the two, mostly celebrating Ancient Macedonia and the early 20th-century anti-Ottoman nationalist insurgents of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation (the current ruling party considers itself their successor), as well as sundry medieval kings and folk heroes. There is a rotunda decorated with Third Reich-esque golden statues; a monument to wartime partisans at a table on a plinth; and, of course, a Triumphal Arch, which the government listed as a national treasure as soon as it was constructed all crammed into a space the size of one city square.

There is no classical or baroque symmetry in any of this; the sculptures have been scattered randomly. Theyre the result of one of the central parts of Skopje 2014: an open call for amateur sculptors.

Populism is central to the plan, deliberately bypassing any notion of professionalism and expertise in favour of a heavily mediated peoples choice though the prime minister Nikolai Gruevski has proudly proclaimed himself the plans author. Almost all the buildings surrounding these have been antiquitised to cement the connection to ancient Macedonia, with thin classical dressings affixed to the concrete, glass and tile underneath.

Many landmarks of Skopjes Old Bazaar area have been blocked out by the antiquitisation efforts. Photograph: JTB Photo/UIG via Getty Images

There is nothing like this in any other democratic country it is the sort of authoritarian, wildly kitsch assemblage usually seen in autocracies and despotisms. It gives the effect of North Korea without the planning; the projects 200m (156m) (or more, depending on who you talk to) cost borne by the state, albeit via massive borrowing.

Everything about Skopje 2014 is about facades; its actual historical legacy covered with a new narrative that concentrates on Greek-speaking warlords of the fourth century BC or Bulgarian revolutionaries of the 1900s.

The minarets of the Old Bazaar are screened off by ludicrously tall monuments; the international, modern buildings of the socialist era are given mock-classical dressings. The Opera and Ballet Theatre a staggering work of architecture whose irregular, angled forms flowing down to the river could have been built yesterday is now screened from view by structures that try (with impressive ineptitude) to look like they were built 2,000 years ago, with mock-19th century candelabras and a Roman portico with allegorical figures in what looks like gold lame.

I ask a member of staff at the theatre who is paying for all this, in one of the poorest countries in Europe? Well, Ive not been paid in nine months, he replies. So I guess I am.

Protesters outside Skopjes Architecture Museum earlier this year. Photograph: Robert Atanasovski/AFP/Getty

But how did the international project of 1965 which saw the UN and the worlds finest planners and architects reconstructing a city on the most advanced lines fail to leave a legacy?

Goran Janev, an anthropologist at Cyril and Methodius University, puts it down to the way the links created in the 1960s were forcibly closed off as former Yugoslav citizens who could travel without visas to both sides of divided Europe before 1989 were suddenly pushed into isolation, their new passports worthless. I had five passports at one point in the 1990s, he recalls.

Skopje 2014 has not passed without protest. The former head of the Macedonian Architects Association, Cigi Danica Pavlovska who trained with Alfred Roth, a Swiss designer who is one of the many major international figures to have work in the reconstructed city tells me with some pride how a referendum managed to stop the Trade Centre being antiquitised.

However, it has all happened at breathtaking pace. While Tanges plan took 20 years to reach (partial) completion, Skopje 2014 has transformed the citys look beyond recognition within just four years. Janev suggests this speed is part of the point, creating facts on the ground before municipalities or locals have the chance to react; a sort of urban shock doctrine (and shock is very much the effect). All the nationalism and symbolism is just dust in our eyes, he adds. The point is profit.

It easy to laugh at some of the creations, and some will surely travel to the city just to see the hilariously clumsy statues of painters wielding paintbrushes, large-breasted maidens, and the dozens of rugged warriors on horseback. A city which appears as if redesigned by the furnishers ofMTV Cribs will appeal to those with a cruel sense of humour.

Yet the differences between the two plans represent a stark vision of contemporary priorities: equality replaced with populism, futurism with antiquitisation, spaces by facades, the sublime by the pretty, internationalism by provincialism, architecture as function by architecture as language.

Eccentric as it may look, the ideas behind Skopje 2014 are mainstream today, while those of Skopje 1965 are usually summarised as the mistakes of the 60s. The city centre of today is the terrifying end result. Anyone who thinks theyd like a city where the traditionalists triumph over the modernists should visit Skopje, and see what they think.

Does your city have a little-known story that made a major impact on its development? Please share it in the comments below or on Twitter using #storyofcities

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For three years, Dan and his wife Leah tried to get pregnant. And for three years, the couple from theCincinnati, Ohio found themselves caught in a seemingly endless cycle of struggle and perseverance.There werehormones for Leah. Intrauterine insemination, needles, and anxiety-ridden ultrasounds. Insurance issues. Financial strain. Thefact Dan and Leah wereintheir late 30s, and “clocks are ticking.” Not to mention those awkward moments when other peoplewould ask when they were going to have kids.

It was a lot to handle, to say the least, but together Dan and Leah pressed on.

Recently, Dan took to Facebook to pen an open letter describing the journey towards pregnancy from a very detailed description of what it’s like to make a sperm deposit, to trying to put into words the heartbreaking experience of miscarriage. Dan’s message is so brutally honest, so raw and real, and so eloquently (and even hilariously) written that it’s going viral and starting a whole new conversation about pregnancy.

“Do you have a minute? Ive got kind of a long story,” Dan begins.

Trust me, you want to hear this.

Credit: Facebook / Dan Majesky


“Do you have a minute? Ive got kind of a long story.

Leah and I have been trying to get pregnant for over 3 years. Im not sure when, exactly, we stopped the birth control. Like all our plans, we didnt start with a plan, but instead decided that if we got pregnant, that would be great.

And then we didnt get pregnant.

I mean, look, when youre in your twenties, it feels like you cant look at someone else without getting pregnant. Weve all heard about someone who got pregnant through 2 condoms, spermicidal lubricant, and an IUD. Right? But we didnt get pregnant. No big deal.

Were in our 30s. Things are probably a little bit dusty, and a little bit rusty. So, three years ago, we started using apps and calendars to track this and that. Ovulation test sticks. Old wives tales of positions and timing. We got some late periods. And some periods that never came!

But we didnt get pregnant.”

“So, off to the doctor we went. His and hers appointments for collections of blood and semen and measuring parts and such. Medical science being what it is, we got the answer to all our problems: ‘Youre fine, and there shouldnt be a problem.’

Do doctors ever tell anybody, ‘This is what is wrong, and this is how to fix it,’ and then give them pills, and theyre fine? This is not my experience. My experience is: _()_/

We didnt get pregnant.

So then came the hormones for Leah. Along with those hormones came the realization that little-to-none of this would be covered by insurance, and that the coverage rate would go down as we went deeper into the process. See, insurance companies look at getting pregnant a lot like getting sick. Why, they cant imagine, would you try to get sick? Well, f**k you, insurance companies. Thats why.

But we didnt get pregnant.

So maybe were bad at timing, or something, or god knows. Usually thats fine, but we are in our late 30s, and clocks are ticking. The doctor told us that certain hormone levels were low, lower than they should have been, and that meant our egg supply was dwindling.”

“Let me tell you something. There is nothing you can tell a woman that will make her feel more young, beautiful and vibrant than, ‘You have a dwindling egg supply, and it is time to pick up the pace.’ You should try it. Maybe at a bar.

And that was when we began IUI, intrauterine insemination. IUI is colloquially the turkey baster method. When they told us about it, I tried to really hear what the doctor was saying, but all I could hear echoing around the room, off of the oyster-y pearlescent floors and the alien-vagina wallpaper, was ‘dwindling.’

For Leah, we eventually figured out, this meant a regimen of hormone boosters to facilitate egg production. Are you aware of what happens to people when their hormones go out of the norm? They are not happy. Unless they are happy, in which case, they are very happy. There is no mild. There is no average day. Her job was to feel like her brain and soul were on fire.

My job was to try and not say anything dumb, because she also needed to be calm. I tried to avoid triggering phrases like ‘Hey,’ or ‘Good morning,’ or ‘I love you,’ but I kept f**king up, and opening my mouth, or allowing Leah to see TV programs, or commercials, to read books, and interact with the world in any way.”

“The best was when someone would ask her when we were going to have kids. That was just the best.

Then, after one or two ultrasounds to make sure eggs were there, and in their right places on their little follicles, I would give my needle-phobic wife a shot in her thigh to set ovulation in process. She says shes not so much afraid of needles as she is afraid of being stuck by me with a needle, but same difference, right?

Over time, I developed a method where she would look away, close her eyes and cry, while crushing all the bones in my left hand, and I would count to three, and inject her with my right. I wouldnt inject her on three. I tried to pick a random time. She usually didnt even feel it.

After all that romance, you would think that abstaining from sex for a few days would be hard, but you would be wrong. You might also think we should be having massive amounts of sex, but it turns out that you have to let your seminal stash build up for a few days before collection.”

“Over the last couple years, I became pretty professional about my sperm deposits. My first one was a few paragraphs up, for testing. Man, is it ever weird. You can do it at home if you want, but then you are under a clock to get your sample to the lab on time. I dont need that kind of stress.

I dont talk about it much, but I like to think Im pretty good at taking care of business in the art of sperm production, but I had never entered a room designed specifically for masturbation, while people waited outside, hoping my masturbation went okay. Perhaps that is what Eddie Murphys life was like in Coming to America, but I was less familiar with it.

The room was like a combination of a hotel room and an office. It had a big picture of The Ohio State University football stadium, filled with fans, on the wall over a small vinyl sofa. There was a neatly folded sheet, fresh and crisp, hanging on the far armrest. A clock radio on the side table, tuned to local political talk radio, sputtering away beneath a low-lit lamp, was paired with a little wooden cube that had one tiny drawer, specifically made for storing your collection cup.

Under the table were four or five magazines that I didnt really want to touch. Usually two Playboys, a Penthouse, and a Swimsuit Issue. Across from the couch was a TV/DVD combo with a DVD preloaded. I didnt want to touch the remote either, really. It sat on a wicker chest.

Wicker struck me as the worst possible material for a room designed for male masturbation. Everybodys aiming for the cup, I know, but I also know there have been enough accidents in that office that it required a laminated sign about what to do in case of an accident.”

“The first step, in case of an accident, is to not try to hide it by scraping your mess into the cup. Big no-no. This makes your sample corrupt, which may mean that your partner could end up being impregnated by carpet fibers if I understand correctly, but it is also unsanitary.

The second step is to tell the front desk staff that you had an accident, which seems horrific. The people who work at the lab are people who, by my calculations, deal with upwards of 80 men per day who have just masturbated, or are about to, and their sperm. Sure. They are professional.

But, still, everyone is a little bit tittery, a little bit anxious. We all know that this is all very silly, and that I just touched my penis, and you are someones grandmother, and that even though you have a pin in the shape of a little sperm fella to help break the tension, we all if we really had the choice would probably prefer to burst into flames than discuss any part of this, let alone the fact that someone missed. Whoops!

The DVD would change over time, but still be of the same variety. Usually some kind of early 90s Eurotrash boat fantasies, or oily faux-lesbian scissorhands scenes, starring fingernails that made me very nervous. I would check every time I went in, and it was always awful. Everybodys got their thing, I guess. My thing is that I am thankful for the Internet.

Oh. And you are supposed to go in dry if you can help it. Lubrication, as it turns out, can mess with the quality of the semen, which seems like a pretty big jerk move on the part of lubrication.

But, yeah, Ive got my routine down.

When your sample has been washed and spun, or whatever it is they do with it, they put it in a paper bag that you carry over to the doctors office for the procedure. We long-timers can always tell the new couples. Their discomfort and optimism is cute. They smile and look around on their walk, hoping no one notices the bag they have pinched in their fingertips.

Me, I carry my paper bag like a sack lunch. The same turkey sandwich Ive had every day for years. With hope, yes, but the skepticism of routine.The IUI itself is pretty quick, and from what I understand, painless, if not the normal amount of demeaning of going to an OB/GYN. You get one more ultrasound to make sure everything is in place, and then they pour the gravy all over the giblets.

Sorry. I know. Im hung up on turkey metaphors.

And then we wait.”

“Youre warned against taking pregnancy tests because they measure hormone levels, and after taking all sorts of weird shit all month, you can trigger a false positive. So you wait. And there will be spotting. Is it spotting, or is her period starting? You dont know. So you wait. And you wait.And you wait.

And sometimes her period comes, and you start over. Step one.And sometimes it doesnt come. But the second line doesnt appear, or the plus, or the whatever these tests do.So you wait. And its negative, but you hope, and you see your friends getting pregnant, and you get a little sad. But you get mad at yourself because you want to feel happy for other people, and thats not fair to them. And then the 17-year-old across the street gets pregnant, and you get a little sadder. And your cousins get pregnant, and you get a little sadder.

And you see people scream at their kids, and beat them in Kroger, and you just want to die because you would give anything to have a child throwing a tantrum in the cereal aisle.

You dont want to hate people. You dont. I think babies are beautiful. I think kids are awesome, but you cant help the jealousy. The envy. The resentment. It really creeps up on you. And you search for positive things. And you talk on end about your capital-O Options.”

“And then you see people on the internet post screeds about how dare anyone assume that they would want to have kids because not having kids is the best which is fine, have at it or dont have at it, I really dont care but we want to be procreating, and we want what you could have, but are choosing not to use.

And we want to tell you, but people dont talk about it. Because you dont want to talk about it.

Because you spend all day thinking about it, managing it. Trying not to cry. Trying to not turn into HI and Ed from Raising Arizona, stealing babies in the night.

And the doctors start talking about Next Steps, and the Next Steps are very expensive, so you try it one more time.And then, while youre in Kansas on a road trip with a friend, your wife does the IUI with a frozen deposit you left behind.

And you get pregnant.”

“You go in for a blood test, two weeks later, and they tell you that youre pregnant. And you cry. Big fat tears of relief.And then you freak out because, to be honest, you talked yourself out of real hope months and months ago, but now you have to get ready for a baby.

Some weeks later, you go in for an ultrasound, and there it is. I mean, yeah, its a tadpole with a giant head. Theres its brain, and theres its heart fluttering away, and its so real.

And you relax.”

“Were in our late thirties, which means that the chances are higher than average that a pregnancy wont be viable, or there will be a chromosomal abnormality, or something along those lines. We spent a lot of time tiptoeing around that idea, but we talked about it. And about not getting too excited. You know, the higher you let your hopes up, the further they have to fall.But they told us to relax. Everything looked great and we were on track, so when we went in for one final scan before being released to our obstetrician a couple weeks later, we were all smiles and jokes.

‘Im so sorry. I cant find the heartbeat.’

And then youre not pregnant.”

“Ive felt time stop before. Car accidents, falling off a fence, a mountain bike jump gone wrong. I have not felt the vertigo of infinity like when we were told our baby was dead.Im logical. I understand science and biology. I know it was a fetus, not a baby. But it was my baby. In my head, in my heart, I could already imagine being old as it grew into an adult and had its own children, and woosh it was all gone.

As I write this, the due date is a little over a week away, like a car accident on the road ahead that youre trying not to look at, that you have to drive by.
The world isnt going to stop. We all get up and go to work. Because it happens. People lose babies all the time.


But no one talks about it. No one gets on Facebook and tells their friends. Its specifically why you wait to tell anyone.

But then you have no one to tell. When a family member dies, you can share your grief. With a miscarriage, you would have to tell people that someone who will never be born, who they had never heard of and will never meet, but who meant the world to you, is gone. And you dont have the strength to get into it. You tell your parents, maybe a close friend, maybe your boss.I was so stunned when it happened that I texted my boss that I wouldnt be back that day, but that Id be back the next, which really cracks me up now. I didnt even get how I was about to be affected.

Leah was scheduled for a D&C, dilation and curettage, under general anesthesia at Christ Hospital right away, so she wouldnt have to go through the trauma of slowly passing the fetal tissue over the course of a week. It wasnt until they took her back that I let myself break down. Alone with my worst thoughts and the sour coffee of the waiting room for several hours. God, I have no idea how long. One more forever.

The people at the hospital were excellent. We got a lot of information about support groups that we never went to, but we should have. We just wanted to hide.Im thankful for our families and our friends, who came to sit with us. Who brought Lea the things she needed, and let me get out of the house to walk around the neighborhood. I must have looked like a zombie.”

“Its very difficult to think about, even now. I dont think Im doing a good job of describing it. I dont want to dwell on it. I dont want to think about it. I dont think it was until around the New Year that I went a day without crying about it.

But, you know, you pass the car accident and its in the rear view, getting further away, and sometimes you dont even see it anymore. Maybe youve told yourself enough times that at least we know we can get pregnant and this just means that something was wrong and its a good thing. Maybe you even believe it.

Just to let you know how strong Leah is, she still made the Deans List that semester, and she was carrying 18 credit hours. I dropped out of college for the dumbest reasons in my time – once because I got mugged – but she persevered. Like Britney, bitch.

We started back at the fertility process too soon, in a dumb burst of optimism and courage, and the desire to move forward. The hormone treatments were too much for Leah. And the lack of success was too much for the both of us. So we stopped. Our doctor told me, privately, that we need to take care of ourselves, but that, if we want to have a baby, we either need to move forward now, or start discussing Next Steps.

Remember: Dwindling.”

“We tried a couple more times, one of which felt good we thought we had it and were told that if this one doesnt take, that we would need to increase hormone treatments substantially and begin planning for options outside of IUI. In Vitro, surrogacy, or something else.

The doctor also told us, during one IUI, that while Donald Trump scares him, his wife loves Trump because of the Mexican wall thing. They are both immigrants. His problem with the wall was that it would be impossible to pay for it. I dont know. Doctors tell you some crazy shit while theyre inseminating your wife.

Through this process, and through both of our lives, neither of us have ever had a home pregnancy test come out positive. Even when we were pregnant before, it was the doctor who did a test. This last one, Leah couldnt bear to look at it herself, so I looked at it while she was in the shower, and told her no, that it was negative.

While she stood there, crying, I googled ‘pregnancy test faint line.’ As it turns out, even the faintest f**king line in the whole f**king world means youre pregnant. So were pregnant.

Were pregnant.”

“Not that we believed it at first, but we are. Three scans later, Ive even heard the heartbeat, like a hummingbird, and its beautiful.

As I write this, tomorrow is our first obstetrician appointment, and were so nervous. So, so nervous. I wouldnt dare to post this until were in the clear enough, and ready to tell people. Almost no one knows right now. Were worried to jinx it, us, we, who dont believe in jinxes. Mostly, were afraid of going back through the pain. To have to retract it, publicly, is too much to think about.

I know plenty of people have gone through more than us. We are comparatively very lucky. Some people have never gotten pregnant. Some people could not go as far as us. Some people have taken many Next Steps beyond where we were. Some have been successful, but many havent. I hesitate to share this because I dont want anyone to read this and feel what we felt, watching others dreams come true.Some people have found out, or have guessed, and have been very kind to share their own stories with us, and it has helped tremendously to not feel alone. Many thanks to all of them. I hope that maybe this helps someone else feel less alone.

And I hope that everything goes well, and I can inundate you with pictures, starting in November.

Everything went well. Arms and legs and moving around. Were very excited, but Ill be holding my breath for 26ish weeks.And its a girl. Not that gender matters! But were going to have a little girl! And I am stoked. We are stoked.

We are pregnant.”

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I n a war-torn nation where daily resources are limited and residents battle to obtain by, there is one element of life that is typically ignored: the nation’ s animals.

Although help is offered and development is being made, Afghanistan’ s animals are typically seen wandering the streets, hurt and trying to find food. Many individuals merely wear ’ t have the understanding or the cashhad to look after an animal of their own.

Pen Farthing, creator of among the primary veterinary centers in Afghanistan, is setting out to alter that. Some might discover his efforts to be insignificant, there are lots of more whobelieve each starving, mistreated, and lonesome animal roaming the streets is worthy of a caring house .

Scroll to discover if Farthing ’ s imagine preserving an effective veterinarian center in Afghanistan is a success, and let us understand exactly what you consider his efforts in the remarks!

[H/T: The Dodo ]


This assortment of fur is a pet called Wonder. If you look carefully, you can likewise see she’ s nestling her little pup, Serac.

A friendly expat discovered her in a drain ditch, attempting her finest to keep her infant warm.

Wonder the pet was significantly blind due to glaucoma, however she was identified live and safeguard her last making it through puppy.

Dogs like Wonder are all over in Afghanistan.

Uncared and malnourished for, there are few locations to bring an animal for treatment.

Pen Farthing chose to do something about the powerless animals.

He established among the very first capable veterinary centers in Afghanistan.

Nowzad is a lot more than a shelter.

“ We have a vibrant personnel of 5 very caring and seasoned medical professionals and 6 animal caretakers, all Afghans, who take care of the animals in the shelter and brand-new cases that are available in every day, ” Hannah Farthing, cofounder of Nowzad, discussed to the Dodo.

The center likewise makes a big effort to inform the residents about animal well-being.

Dogfighting is a cultural standard in Afghanistan, and a number of the hurt pets that are introduced are victims of that practice.

Nowzad likewise opens their doors to the students of Kabul University.

Although the school has a graduate course in veterinary science, they do not have the centers to accommodate hands-on experience.

The college students hang around at the center to acquire useful experience in animal care.

The rescue center is likewise dedicated to informing young Afghan kids in schools and orphanages on the fundamentals of animal care.

The only method to alter a culture of abuse is to supply the residents with understanding.

Today, canines like Wonder and her pup are recovery and getting presented to permanently households for the very first time in their lives.

The shelter now houses over 120 pets, 40 felines, and fourdonkeys!

As the nation establishes, Nowzad will continue to make certain animal well-being is a leading concern.

The shelter runs specific fund-raising advocate each animal they position with a household within the nation or abroad.

If you wish to assist the needy animals of Afghanistan, find out more by going to Nowzad’ s site !

Let us understand exactly what you think about Nowzad’ s efforts in the remarks, and put on’ t forget to SHARE with the animal enthusiasts in your life!

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Each and every one of us, from the smallest child to the most venerable granny, holds onto a handful of secret dreams.

These are the aspirations we keep quiet, knowing that they are the very definition of the expression beyond my wildest dreams. That said, we still hold onto them because everyone knows somebody who made their own wildest dream a reality.

Whether its the hometown kid who made it to fame and fortune in Hollywood, or the disabledgymnast who made it to the top and met her long-lost sister in the processthere are enough stories about fantasies realized to keep the rest of us hoping.

And every now and then, you hear about a dream so big, so impossible, that it seems downright shockingthat anyone has the faith and perseverance to see it through.

Such is the case with Johan Huibers, a Dutch carpenter whose lofty mission started back in 1992, after he woke one morning from a literal dream of a devastating flood across his small, water-bound province in Holland.

Years later, he embarks upon a journey that can only be described as biblical…


Johan Huibers, a deeply religious man, had been reading his children a book about the biblical story of Noahs Ark, where a few chosen humans, led by Noah, must fill a giant boat with all of the worlds animals when a giant flood sweeps across the globe.

That night, Huibers woke in the morning, remembering a dream where God had sent a similar flood across the many small islets of his home in the province of Nord Holland.

In that moment he vowed that, as soon as he was able, he would build an Ark, just like Noah before him.

For thirteen long years, he worked hard at his job as a carpenter and contractor, earning and saving money until he had made himself into a multimillionaire.

In 2005, with his finances stable, he decided it was time to start building the boat of his dreams.

The result is a massive wooden structure made of cedar and pine, built on top of a steel river barge.

It is built to the exact specifications of the biblical ark, 300 cubits in length, 30 cubits in height, and 50 cubits in width.

At the moment, the massive structure serves as a floating religious museum, moored outside the city of Dordrecht in south Holland.

Tourists with an interest in the Bible can tour the boat, visit its conference rooms and theater, and see the many carved wooden animals that can be found throughout the ship.

The ship is approved for 3,000 visitors per day, and can hold up to 5,000 passengers.

Given its enormous size, Huibers feels the time is right to take his boat on the road so that even more tourists can experience it.

His goal? To bring the ark across the ocean to Brazil, in time for the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Now, having achieved his dream of building the boat to begin with, Huibers and his backer, American businessman David Rivera, are working to raise the money to bring the ark across the Atlantic, to the tune of $1.5 million.

To us, it sounds like a pretty lofty goal, and potentially a very challenging one, but Rivera and Huibers feel strongly that the deeply religious population of Rio, also home to the famous Christ the Redeemer statue, will appreciate the power and significance of this powerful piece of biblical lore brought to life.

Besides, we have a feeling that if anyone can do it, its Johan Huibers.

If youre astounded by this determined carpenter and his incredible mission to bring his ark to international attention, make sure to SHARE this fascinating story with friends and family!

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W ith the arrival of spring, I can’ t wait to invest as much time outdoors as possible.

Whether choosing a walk in the park, or outdoor camping with the whole household , outside activities that have actually been on hold all winter season can lastly be taken pleasure in when again.

But as I’ ve prepared to invest more time outside, I’ ve come across some amazing and stunning details: choosing a walk in nature is really fantastic for your health and general wellness.

This may look like good sense, however a lot of these advantages absolutely took me by surprise. Who understood that a hike in the woods might increase my memoryand lower my high blood pressure?

Scroll through listed below for an unique take a look at the unanticipated health and health advantages of strolling in nature.

For those who currently enjoy hanging out in nature, this will be very inviting news. And for those who wear’ t, it might simply be time to use up routine nature strolls with a lot of advantages, it would be a shame not to!

Do you take pleasure in strolling in nature? Do you understand of other advantages of strolling in nature? Let us understand in the remarks!


1. Fights Depression

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

If you experience moderate anxiety or simply feel down a great deal of the time, opting for a walk in the park may simply be the response.

According to the Atlantic, “ A research discovers that wild environments enhance wellness by minimizing compulsive, unfavorable ideas.”

It may appear like good sense that a walk in nature can enhance your state of mind for a couple of minutes, however science has shownthat the results may last a lot longer than that!

2. Boosts Creativity And Problem Solving

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

If you are wanting to trigger the imaginative or issue resolving side of your brain, a walk outdoors might be simply the ticket.

Psychology Today composes, “ Both level of sensitivity and imagination bloom well when we offer ourselves the time to stroll in the natural world.”

And according to , “ Individuals who hung out backpacking through the woods without access to innovation showed enhanced capability in imagination and issue fixing.”

3. Increases Memory

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

With a lot going on in life, it can be simple to forget birthdays, consultations, or where we put the secrets.

But strolling in nature has actually been shown to have a favorable result on a specific’ s memory.

According to , scientists found that students “ showed a substantial boost in … short-term memory after a walk through a natural setting. ”

4. Gets rid of Stress

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

If you are feeling overwhelmed, nervous, or burnt out, it is most likely time to obtain out of the home(or the workplace) and opt for a walk in nature.

According to the Atlantic , “ Exposure to nature has actually been revealed consistently to lower tension and increase wellness. ”

5. Enhances Lung Health

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

It makes good sense that fresh air would benefit you, however it can really have a long-lasting favorable impact on your lung health.

According to the Globe and Mail : “ A single direct exposure to contaminated air can activate lung [issues]

“ Even downtown parks and riverside bike courses are most likely to have considerably much better air quality than hectic city streets, and trees provide an added protective result. ”

6. Reduces Blood Pressure

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

In addition to talking with your medical professional, if you have hypertension, you might likely gain from a beautiful walk in nature.

According to the American Hiking Society , “ Nearly one-third of American grownups have hypertension.

“ Physical activity such as treking decreases high blood pressure 4 to 10points. ”

7. Boosts Self-Esteem

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

If you are just trying to find that additional little increase of self-confidence, nature strolls may hold the secret.

Jonathan Penney of the National Academy of Sports Medicine composes that strolling is terrific for “ enhanced self-confidence. ”

He does go on to state that even if you can ’ t makeit to a nature path, “ any walk is much better than no walk. ”

8. Enhances Heart Health

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

As if there weren ’ t currently enough advantages to taking nature strolls, enhanced heart health can be contributed to the list.

According to Dr. Oz , “ In a Japanese research, 280 individuals carried out a popular practice called “ forest bathing, ” which simply includes a brief leisurely check out to a forest.

“ These forest-goers had lower levels of cortisol [and] lower pulse rates. ”

9. Boosts Endurance

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

If you discover that your endurance levels are quite low, basic strolls in the park might be a big assistance.

According to : “ Sandy Kweder, a doctor who runs about 12 miles a week, informed me that when she went back to pursuing taking virtually a year off, she began by strolling her canine for about a mile and a half every early morning.

“ Then she would go out for her run. She discovered a huge enhancement.”

10. Battles ADHD

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

Having problem focusing or understand somebody who is? Attempt taking things out into nature.

According to a research from Dr. Frances E. Kup and Dr. Andrea Faber Taylor, “ Spending time far from innovation really helped in reducing any kind of ADHD signs in kids.

“ So if you believe your kid simply can’ t sit still, take them out into the wild!”

These unbelievable health and health advantages might simply be the motivation individuals have to get themselves back out into nature!

Do you take pleasure in treking or strolling in nature? Let us understand in the remarks.

Please SHARE this essential health info with anybody who has to invest more time outside!

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L ots of individuals have a complex relationship with pickles.

Tangy and salted, with differing levels of spice, sourness, and sugar not everybody is a fan. Theyre exactly what you may call a gotten taste.

Of course, for those people who do like them, we cant stop singing their applauds.

We swear by them as a reliable method of getting up the senses, we pop them in Bloody Marys, we even deep-fry them and serve ‘ em up as a treat ! In the pro-pickle camp, were quite crazy about revealing the world why briny, delicious pickles are the very best.

Of course, up previously, the majority of the arguments have actually had to do with food and taste. Now, nevertheless, we have a new technique: pickle juice!

Most of us toss out our pickle juice once we complete the container, even those people who like the taste. As it ends up, thats a big waste of cash; plain old pickle juice has lots of covert advantages that we need to all be making the most of.

Check out the gallery listed below to discover a few of the secret abilities your pickle juice is concealing!


Pickle Juice 101

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

What precisely is pickle juice?

The components in pickle juice differ depending upon dish, however the majority of blends consist of salt, sugar, garlic, onion, and vinegar.

Other spices that may be added consist of celery seed, dill, cloves, and turmeric, to name a few.

The function of pickling isto maintain fresh veggies after harvest, due to the fact that the substances in the salt water will exterminate the germs that makes fresh food rot.

People marinade everything from the timeless cucumber to more unexpected active ingredients like watermelon skins and hard-boiled eggs.

But now, individuals are lastly analyzing pickle juicebeyond its conservation buildings: its unexpected alternative advantages!

Pickle Juice Benefit # 1: Eases Heartburn

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

Heartburn is an unpleasant, intense experience that most individuals experience after overindulging, or consuming something additional spicy or acidic.

You may believe pickle juice would just make this issue even worse, however a sip of salt water is in fact a dependable repair for heartburn.

Surprisingly, vinegar, which is extremely acidic, appears to be the component that suffices.

According to RefluxMD , science is still exercising this puzzle, however it might be that the vinegar in the juice motivates your stomach to produce more natural antacids.

This assists to cancel the level of acidity working its method through your system.

Pickle Juice Benefit # 2: Soothes Sunburn

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

I’ ve seasoned lots of uncomfortable sunburns in my life, and I normally reach right for the aloe to assist relieve the pain.

As it ends up, it might be useful to utilize a bit of pickle juice, too!

Aloe cools the burn and assists to promote brand-new, healthy skin development, however pickle juice can be found in helpful if the burn itches or stings severely.

According to t he Kitchn , the salt and vinegar in the juice have an immediate result that takes the sting right from the unpleasant experience.

Pickle Juice Benefit # 3: Relaxes Muscles

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

If you’ re somebody who exercises or gets muscle cramps quite routinely, you might have heard the term “ electrolytes ” tossed around.

Electrolytes, micronutrients that assist keep our synapses shooting, get lost when we sweat or otherwise lose water.

Without them, our muscles constrain up and stop reacting.

Fortunately, pickle juice is loaded with electrolytes like salt and potassium, so weakening a couple of spoonfuls into some water can charge your body the very same method a sports consume might, and, as explained in a New York Times short article, will stop constraining in its tracks.

Pickle Juice Benefit # 4: Helps Sore Throat

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

We all get aching throats from time to time, and they can be a genuine headache.

As long as it’ s simply an aching throat, and not something more major, there are a number of basic house treatments.

A warm saltwater rinse is typically advised to eliminate bacteria and balance pH levels.

Instead, think about warming some diluted pickle juiceto gargle, and gain the added balancing impacts of the vinegar in the juice.

Pickle Juice Benefit # 5: Cleans Copper Pans

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

If you prepare with copper-bottomed pans, you might misery of ever getting them back to their glossy, new-penny splendor.

Well, never ever fear, that blackened char and dull color that copper pots get gradually will vanish in no time with a little effort and pickle juice.

The acetic acid in vinegar cuts through the gunk, and the salt and acid respond with the greenish oxidization to illuminate your pots and pans in a flash.

Pickle Juice Benefit # 6: Fertilizes Plants

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

With summertime simply around the corner, a lot of weekend garden enthusiasts are getting their vegetable spots and flower beds into battling shape.

But did you understand that thesecret component to an extra-green thumb might be a container of green pickle juice?

For plants that like acidic soil , like rhododendrons and hydrangeas, pickle juice can supply a much-needed increase to assist support delighted plants.

Just ensure to check your soil and research study the plant prior to you begin putting pickle juice on it!

Pickle Juice Benefit # 7: Adds Flavor

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

You may be dissatisfied when you end up a container of pickles, till you recognize exactly what you can do next!

Go through your refrigerator and hound any roaming veggies that have to be consumed.

Carrots that are drying, remaining broccoli, and red onions can all be immersed in remaining pickle juice over night.

When you evaluate the veggies the next day, you’ ll have some fresh quick-pickles with an appetizing zip all their own!

If you like the concept of recycling your pickle juice, ensure to SHARE these useful home pointers with your buddies!

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Ive constantly thought in fate. Fate, in the sense that God predestines individuals to satisfy one another, prepare for circumstances to occur as they do, which our choices, though our own and approximately our free choice, fall according to how they were implied to. Take place according to His strategy.

I think that exactly what is expected to be, just is.

And that everything we experience and everybody we satisfy, crosses our courses for a factor.

This can be to teach, to challenge our faith, to enhance. It can be to assist us value our lives or our relationships, or learn how to eliminate ourselves from those who aren’t helpful for us. It can reveal us the brokenness of the world, or the appeal.

These circumstances we come across, these individuals that we open our lives tothey are lessons, they are true blessings.

And so when I consider the 2 people, think about our courses crossed at simply the best minute, I think about how odd and remarkable it is that we fell in love. That God produced the 2 people, intricate and so problematic, and stitched the strings of our lives together at that particular time.

God saw something in us that we didnt see in ourselves. That our vulnerabilities, our afraid souls, our tender hearts would discover houses in one another.

We made our own decisionswhere we would go to college, exactly what we would endure that specific Thursday night, the words we would state when we exchanged smiles throughout a congested tableand this was all as He planned.

He saw as our choices fell according to exactly what Hed understood all alongthat our eyes would lock, that our laughter would stimulate, that regardless of the probabilities and the shattered method the world enjoys, we would discover something in each other that deserved pursuing.

He understood that we would like each other. And He understood that caring each other would spark us both.

He saw the months of happiness, the mild method we kissed, the method we screamed with an intense enthusiasm, and the method we felt things so deeply, even catastrophically. Even to the point of our damage.

He saw exactly what we would end up being prior to we did.
And He continues to see exactly what we cantwhere we will go.

When I think about us, I consider how we stumbled into each others lives as if by opportunity. Due to the fact that this was implied to occur, we discovered one another. I was indicated to succumb to you, and you for me. We were implied to be whatever we were, whatever we are. When I understand I require to turn to God as soon as again, #peeee

But thats. If weve reached the end, #peeee

I do not understand. If weve turned into one anothers true blessings, lessons, enjoy that we will bring permanently. I have no idea if this is exactly what I was indicated to understandthat individuals do not constantly remain, that they cant due to the fact that their lives need to go in various instructions, opposite instructions.

I have no idea if Im expected to leave and be happy for exactly what that was, or think that love is something that never ever fades, after years and months.

I can not respond to these concerns. Whatever we will end up being, I leave it to God.

I offer Him my doubts and concerns, my aggravations and insecurities. I provide Him the parts of myself that are afraid and busted. I offer Him all the love that I put into us, as well as more.

I leave us to Him. I put our futures in His hands.

Whatever we will end up being, nevertheless the modifications and situations of our lives will play out, I rely on God to bring me to where Im implied to be. Bring us to where were indicated to be, together or different.

Ive constantly thought in fate. It was by fate, by His strategy that we discovered each other.

And it will be by this fate, this strategy if we find one another once again.

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